Favorite places

Mom, Chip and Ken sent my Dad's ashes down Silver Creek to the ocean in the fall of 2012. They so loved this place, spending many summers here as campground hosts.

Jeanne Told

I always loved this picture. Her and Dad were
so happy when they spent the summer in
Coeur d'Alene with Andi, me and the dogs.

Our Mom passed away on April 26, 2013. She lived the last year of her life with her kids at least a few months at each of our homes in Phoenix, Prescott and Salem, OR. Each of us could tell she was deeply despondent about the death of our Father. It was important to us to have her near, help her cope and make sure her quality of life was maintained. No matter where she was, Jeanne always wanted to volunteer at the local hospitals and senior centers. Giving back to her community and her kids were the joys of her life.
"Death is never sad if the gift of life has been well used"
RIP Mom, we love you and miss you.

Jim Told

Our Dad passed away on April 7th, 2012 after a long bout of bad health and painful afflictions. He is pain free now and in a better place. He was a good man who was loved by his family and always did the best he could for all of us. He will be missed. I'll keep this photo blog updated as I discover and scan even more pictures from his life. I know he would highly approve.
Seattle trip, Sept. 10-13 2007 :
Ferry boat Sealth. The cruise ship to Bremerton from Seattle. The ferries that provide transportation throughout Puget Sound are Jim and Jeanne's favorite thing.

Salish Lodge, 30 minutes east of Seattle.
Snoqualmie Falls and Salish lodge. Had a very tasty early dinner at the Pub. Hold the mushrooms please. Sept. 07

Jim, Jeanne and Andrea at Snoqualmie Falls.
Sept. 07
The Kingston to Edmonds ferry. A nice trip on a nice day.
Sept. 07

Washington state ferry from Seattle to Bremerton. That's the Winslow ferry in the background.
Sept. 07

May 2007 - New Buick and it's not old man tan!
All dressed up - Cincinnati

Mom and baby Chip

A rare photo of my grandfather, Jim's Dad. His name was Edgar
and he died when my Dad Jim was 16.

Jim and Cappy Eischen, my Mom's parents. They lived  in
Phoenix and I grew up knowing them both. Wonderful people.

My PaPa, Andrew "Jim" Eischen

Jeanne - Coeur d'Alene - 2003
Can hardly believe Chip was ever that tiny
3026 N. 42nd Ave, Phoenix
Our favorite orange tree
Jim & Jeanne's kids - 1964
Jim - Ken - Chip
aka Jeanne's boys
early 80s - where did we get those hats?
Jim working for the man...
circa 1964
Jeanne's sweet 16 portrait
Jim & Jeanne - Cincinnati - circa 1949
Those crazy kids cruising the Mexican Riviera 2006
SoCal vacation 1960
Jeanne "come hither"
date unknown
Granny & Terri circa 1953
Jeanne and her brother Jimmy
date unknown, looks like they're in Phoenix
Jim around 1950 selling the American dream
This photo is labled "Duke & Duchess of Maple"
Jim and his sister Virginia, date unknown
Hey batta batta
Jeanne & Jim with KT 1950
Holiday greeting card 1944
Jim at an "AG" awards dinner with Mr. Parker
Jeanne & Jim visiting the Norhtwest
PaPa & baby KT
Four generations
Jeanne and her Aunt Deloris
year unknown
Jeanne - year unknown
Jim, date and car unknown
Letterman jacket looking good
Jeanne and daughter Terri's beloved Scooter
Jeanne and her brother Jimmy
Jim wins the race by.... how much?
Little Jeanne with "attitude"
Jeanne and Chip, Awatukee circa mid 1980s
James - you get to guess which one!
Jim during the big one, hanging out in Hawaii
Wallace and Ladmo...oops
no, it's those crazy kids New Years Eve 1961
Jeanne on her honeymoon.
Hubba Hubba
Jim and Jeanne's grand-daughters
Val on the right is Terri's daughter
Kim on the left is Ken's step-daughter
Lovely girls- Kim and Val -who each have beautiful kids of their own.
(1985 photo includes beloved Golden Retriever Sadie)